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Increasing Your Potential for Financial Success through our Comprehensive Approach
We believe that the most important way we help you stay disciplined, focused and on track is our comprehensive wealth advisory process. This process is designed to uncover your full range of financial needs, from wealth creation to wealth protection to preserving your legacy — and create a plan to help get you there.

1. Discovery
One of the most important components of any successful advisory relationship is truly understanding who you are as a person. With our Discovery Process, we focus on what is most important to you, both financially and personally. We will look at all the major aspects of your financial life, including your specific values and goals as well as your time horizon, income and liquidity needs and ability and willingness to take risk. Together, we will identify your personal definition of financial success and work with you to translate this into prioritized goals. As part of this step, we also will make a “Mutual Commitment” to working together and putting your plan in place.

2. Analysis
In order for us to thoroughly understand your situation, we will take a comprehensive inventory of your current financial position, including strengths as well as any gaps or weaknesses. We also will analyze the effectiveness, composition and expenses of your existing portfolio. We will analyze specific items for action to make sure that your goals and financial situation are aligned.

3. Development
Based on our analysis, we will develop a long-term wealth plan focused on getting you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. Through this process, we will address any items that need clarification and make alterations based on any additional information. We think that an open, honest dialogue about your financial needs, beliefs, expectations, and concerns is critical to any successful advisory relationship.

4. Implementation
The next step is the implementation of your plan. In addition to creating your investment portfolio, we also will work with a team of financial professionals to address all of the non-investment action items we’ve identified. You also will receive an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which documents what we have agreed to and assigns responsibility and accountability.

5. Monitoring
Your plan is never static. That’s why we’ll make our Discovery Process part of our ongoing meetings, so that your plan always reflects your life. We will monitor your plan closely and provide you with clear and concise reporting.  In addition, as financial markets rise and fall, your portfolio’s exposure to stocks, bonds, cash and other investments will tend to fluctuate as well. Through periodic rebalancing we will make sure your portfolio maintains its target allocations. This helps control the level of risk in your portfolio and minimizes emotional decision making.

Please see the chart below to gain a better understanding of the individual steps and timeline for the Wealth Management Consultative Process.

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